Lighting, distribution, rigging and drapery system installations are unique environments. Designing them, or even completely renovating existing ones, requires ingenuity and a thorough understanding of the systems and equipment available. That’s why we work closely with the major manufacturers of theatrical lighting and rigging systems and are a preferred installer. And that’s also why our design team can provide you with innovative, state-of-the-art, full-service answers to your specific needs.

We listen to your ideas and, together, turn them into reality. Your satisfaction is our most important goal. Helping you design your installation is only the beginning. Next, our experienced staff will also make your design a reality.

And, as a licensed contractor, you are assured that LVH will build and install your equipment with efficiency, quality and safety – and in accordance with all statutes and regulations. We promise that the curtain will rise and the lights will dim.


The “show” is up to you!