What We Do

LVH Entertainment Systems specializes in the design and installation of professional lighting and rigging systems for television, film, theatrical and entertainment venues. With the explosive growth in the entertainment business, the need for a contractor dedicated to serving the special demands inherent in this industry has never been greater. Our ability to provide clients with a full range of services has made us a leader among our peers. Whether your needs range from maintenance and troubleshooting of existing equipment to the installation of complete turnkey systems, LVH has the experience and the expertise to get the job done.

Design Leader

Lighting, distribution, rigging and drapery system installations are unique environments. Designing them, or even completely renovating existing ones, requires ingenuity and a thorough understanding of the systems and equipment available. That’s why LVH works closely with the major manufacturers of theatrical lighting and rigging systems and we are a preferred installer. And that’s also why our design team can provide you with innovative, state-of-the-art, full-service answers to your specific needs. We listen to your ideas and, together, turn them into reality. Your satisfaction is our most important goal.

Quality Assurance

Helping you design your installation is only the beginning. Next, our experienced staff will also make your design a reality. And, as a licensed contractor, you are assured that LVH will build and install your equipment with efficiency, quality and safety — and in accordance with all statutes and regulations. We promise that the curtain will rise and the lights will come up! The “show” is up to you.

Inspections and Training

Keep your staff and talent safe from harm and at the same time maintain your return on investment. Rigging equipment which is poorly maintained and operated by inexperienced staff can pose a serious risk. An inspection by our qualified professionals can substantially decrease your exposure. We’ll come to your facility and conduct a thorough inspection of your equipment, including operating and inspecting every piece, and documenting any items of concern. You’ll get a written report with photographs and recommendations for improving your safety risks.

Customer Care

The glue that holds our performance together is “service.” We specialize in getting the job done right, according to your requirements. Our expertise and experience is here to serve you. LVH is a professional company that’s easy to do business with whether you want to light a stage or a stadium. It’s been said before, and it’s worth saying again: No job is too small nor too big. We are ready to assist you and we’ll get the job done!